A Trix TV Website Guide, What to Expect


So what is Trix TV?

TrixTV is a online video streaming and video link website featuring a host of various television programs. There are two primary things that set Trix TV apart from many other sundry website, firstly there is the fact that they feature only very popular television shows and secondly, they stream and link only to television shows. There are no films, short or feature length or otherwise, on Trix TV. Trix TV also has collected every single episode of every completed show they feature on their website. If a show is still in production and is still airing on television they will offer a update of when the show will next play on tv.

What about the links?

Trix TV, it should be here noted, is entirely free to watch, there is no membership sign up needed to watch any videos nor are there any hidden fees. It is, however, a video stream linking sight so be very careful when clinking a link to a video streaming website that you have not been to before. The reason for this is that the site could contain harmful viruses and malware that may slow down or lag, corrupt, damage or utterly destroy your computer. It should also be said that Trix TV, like any other video linking site, is not responsible for the content, virus related or not, of any other site. They are not directly affiliated with any of the sites to which they link videos and do not screen them before linking off.

Lastly, Trix TV's programming is sectioned off by alphabetical order, so if you are having trouble finding a particular show, all you have to do is click the Tv Shows button at the upper left of the page and voila! Problem solve.