In this new high tech world we live in, there are so many options for us to get what we want when we want it. Now there is a new way to get free TV on demand. There are many websites available that offer on demand television. Not many can offer it for free. Trix TV is a new and free online video streaming website. There are no films or movies on Trix – only television shows. No other website (such as Hulu or NetFlix) can offer the ability to watch your favorite TV shows for free.

You can watch shows that aired on HBO and Showtime, shows that you would normally have to pay for - free online.

It should be said, however, to be careful when clicking on links to websites that you are not familiar with. Trix TV is not responsible for harmful viruses or other malware on these websites that may harm your computer. If you have good virus protection software in place, this may not be a problem. You may even be willing to risk it to see your favorite shows for free. Or you can sign up with a video streaming website that you can trust and verify. You even have the option to avoid downloading or using 3rd party websites. You can simply stream and watch the show.

This website also gives you the ability to search for whatever show you are looking for. They have even listed the shows in alphabetical order. TrixTV has high quality HD video. It is easy to use and access. This is a new service in on demand television that looks like it will be good competition for other providers.